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a 30-something's quest to dispel the deep-seeded notion that one must act their age.

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the absolute best color combo EVER. you really can’t go wrong with it.

it just screams, “i’m a girly-girl and don’t you forget it.” give it a splash of blue or yellow, and it becomes even more awesome.

i would love to eat every meal in this setting:

the green apples totally make it. of course, just pink is awesome, too!

my obsession with pink&green came in about 2005 whilst (love that word) reading “necklace of kisses" by francesca lia block. a beautiful story about an all-grown-up weetzie bat that debuted in francesca’s earlier young adult books. weetzie is all about fashion. now in her 40’s, she is most comfortable wearing anything that’s pink, green, or orange. or a combination!

really, she’s my idol. when i’m 40-something, i will not be ashamed to say that i adore hello kitty and dusting glitter on my face to go to the grocery. why be serious if you don’t have to be, right?

lastly, here is a picture i took several years ago of a handmade ceramic goblet i acquired at the ligonier highland games in pennsylvania. the background was not set; it was just a mess of stuff collecting on the table.

are you seeing a theme here?

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